Autism Treatment




The Myths and Truths about Autism.


Incidence, Causes, Treatment, Needs and more information on Autism.

Common Characteristics



  • Intense anxiety or unusual lack of anxiety
  • Sudden, unexplained, extreme distress or fear
  • Problems coping with change; dependency on parts of routines
  • Unusual or inappropriate habits or interests
  • Focus on moving or spinning objects
  • Laughing, giggling or screaming at unusual times
  • Difficulty imitating gross or fine motor movements
  • Intense or unusual activity levels
  • Unusual sleep patterns




  • Rarely initiates communication
  • Repeating words or phrases heard previously
  • Confusing gender (he, she) and pronouns (I, me, you) in speech
  • Unusual pitch and rhythm in speech
  • Unusual or lack of eye contact
  • Unusual or lack of facial expression
  • Difficulty interacting with other people (responding back and forth, turn-taking), making friends, and understanding others
  • Difficulty controlling emotion and excitement